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1A: Unit Introduction

This instructional day will provide an overview for the natural selection unit. As part of the introduction to the unit, students will have a chance to participate in a discussion around their ideas about evolution. They will also be given information about the goals and expectations for the unit, both in terms of the topics covered and the kinds of work that will be expected from them. Finally, they will be asked to complete a written assignment that will help them and the teacher determine some of the ideas they already have about how evolution operates.

Successful completion of this material involves:

  • Participating in a class discussion about evolution
  • Listening to the teacher describe the goals of the unit
  • Reading the expectations for written work
  • Completing a written assignment about an evolutionary event


Students will prepare a written explanation for a change in shell morphology observed between two subspecies of Galapagos Island Tortoises. This assignment may be used as a pretest and returned to at the end of the unit.