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Introducing Scientific Models

Building the EMS Model

Application of the EMS Model


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Course Overview and Materials

The EMS course materials on this site are designed for use with 7th to 9th grade students. If implemented as described here, it will require approximately seven to nine weeks of daily 45 minute instructional periods to complete this curriculum. Students develop, through experiences with various phenomena, a model that is graphically represented below:

diagram of EMS model

The materials for the EMS course are organized into three sections:

    1. Introducing Scientific Models
    2. Building the EMS Model
    3. Application of the EMS Model

Within each of these sections are one or more instructional materials related to the main learning outcomes of that section. For example, the four materials within Introducing Scientific Models (section one) are each intended to provide background information and skills related to collecting data, constructing models in science, and presenting scientific ideas to peers. Once students have completed these activities, they are ready to begin Building the EMS Model (section two). After students have constructed their EMS models, they are ready to apply them to explain new data or scenarios using the Challenge Problems (section three: Application of the EMS Model).

Each material is described on an introductory page. At the top of each introductory page is a general menu that will provide you with links to the following components pertaining to that particular material:

  • Instructional Notes
  • Student Activities
  • Resources
  • Assessments
  • Samples of Student Work
  • Teacher Reflections