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Powerful Practices in Mathematics & Sciences
A multimedia product
for educators, professional developers, and leaders
Two CDís and a monograph show how primary, middle and secondary students can learn important math and science content through using the practices of modeling, generalization, and justification. This research-based product is available for order. Click here to learn more.

Scaling Up Innovative Practices in Mathematics and Science
(Research Report). Thomas P. Carpenter, Maria Lynn Blanton, Paul Cobb, Megan Loef Franke, James Kaput and Kay McClain. February 2004.

pdfModeling for Understanding in Science Education

Modeling for Understanding in Science Education

photograph of teacher and two studentsWelcome! Our Center has worked with teachers and schools to study and develop ways to advance K-12 students' learning of mathematics and science. Our long-term studies showed that students can learn more challenging content at earlier ages than traditionally expected. The Center's work yielded new visions for student achievement and professional development programs that strengthed teachers' content knowledge and in-class practices.

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